Brand Profile

Cooperate version
Alichii is a desing house located in Austria specialising in the exporting and distribution of interior lamps to the world. We have been using our creative designs, innovative business models and methodologies to become the indispensable link between customers and our suppliers. With our dedicated and unique business approach, we are not merely seeking to satisfy our customers’ requirements, we also looks to bring enduring and profitable relationships with our cooperating partners. Our simple philosophy: Design for a better life. We want to bring out innovative and high quality products and services to improve everyone’s daily environments such as the home and the office so people can appreciate and enjoy life more.

All our major partners are located in the regions below :
Germany (Sompex)
The Netherlands (Steinhauer, Willemse)
Italy (Platinlux)
Belgium (Lucide)
Austria (Motlo Luce)
Switzerland (Mondilux)
Sweden (Rahmqvist)
Taiwan (Looxo)